Pearly Whites Grain Free Dental Treat (70g)
Pearly Whites Grain Free Dental Treat (70g)

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Pearly Whites Grain Free Dental Treat (70g)

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Everyone loves giving a treat! With the whole Healthy Treats range kindness does good too - these Dental Treats will look after your dog or cat's Pearly Whites, thanks to their special combination of crunchy texture and shape which encourages chewing, with functional ingredients including green tea extract, activated charcoal, peppermint and sodium hexametaphosphate (commonly found in our own toothpaste). With dental problems commonly seen by vets in pets of all ages from 2 years old upwards good oral hygiene is essential and these tasty treats will help support that process.


  • Natural Green Tea Extract which can help control bacteria; Activated Charcoal helps whiten teeth and combat bad breath; Peppermint for fresh breath and Sodium Hexametaphosphate which absorbs minerals involved in tartar formation.
  • Suitable for both Dogs and Cats (the treats are of a size which might be quite big for some cats)
  • An enjoyable complement to healthy feeding and good oral hygiene 


Freshly Prepared Turkey 46%-Sweet Potato 21%-Dried Turkey 14%-Potato-Freshly Prepared Wild Boar 4%-Cellulose-Turkey Gravy 1%-Sodium Hexametaphosphate (4530mg/kg)-Activated Charcoal (4230mg/kg)-Peppermint 0.3%-Minerals-Vitamins-Green Tea Extract 0.1%-Parsley 0.1%

Analytical Constituents:

Crude Protein 24%-Crude Fat 14%-Crude Fibre 6.5%-Crude Ash 8%

These treats are suitable for Dogs and Cats as a complement to their diet, always reduce intake of the main food to balance calorie intake and avoid weight gain when offering treats.