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Earth Day - and beyond...

Sustainable pet food from whole
Our promise to be a truly sustainable pet food company
Today is our first Earth Day since going live. As a family and as a business we are committed to doing our utmost to respect and protect the planet we share with our pets, and to safeguard future generations' prospects of living happily with their own pets.
We have created our 3 Pledges - relating to Pets, People and Planet, by which we intend to fulfil our commitment to leaving a gentle footprint. We will continue to evaluate our progress on these pledges, and will post updates as we deliver on them.
Sustainable, natural ingredients for our healthy dog food and cat food
Ingredients and raw materials play a huge role in the impact of pet food on our planet. We have already made significant steps in seeking responsibly sourced ingredients with traceability to responsible farmers, and we will continue to look to make the food and treats our animals love with the best and most sustainable ingredients.
Supporting biodiversity to make our pet food kinder to the planet
Pets - via the production of ingredients and the manufacturing, packaging and transport of products, contribute to the release of carbon into our atmosphere. We will look to offset our impact by working to support people and organisations who are working to protect or rebuild biodiversity, both in our own communities and around the world. We believe in making the world a smaller place, whereby people can travel and experience different environments and surroundings while having the least negative impact, and will invest into this from our profits.
Pet food with recyclable and compostable packaging
We currently have compostable bags for our Grain Free range for Dogs, and pack orders in recycled boxes and bags, something of which we are really proud but recognise is not enough. We will continue to work on the use of recycled and recyclable materials in packaging and to find the most environmentally friendly means of transportation. We firmly believe in innovation and that it can be a driver for positive change.
Feed well with whole - pet food which is kind to the planet as well as to your pet
So, when we say "feed well" we really mean it - both nutritionally and environmentally. We will hold ourselves to account on this every day, not just on Earth Day. This time next year we should be reporting several significant milestones in the process.
Thank you for reading.
April 2021

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