Every product we produce has been carefully considered in terms of meeting both the nutritional and sensory needs of your beloved pet. We believe that natural ingredients and grain free recipes offer the most digestible pet food as well as delivering great taste.

Our kibble is gently cooked and features high levels of meat ingredients which are predominantly freshly prepared, cold pressed oils are added to provide amazing flavour and the ideal amount of essential fatty acids including omega 3 & 6 and all of our products include vegetables and natural prebiotics (which help feed friendly bacteria in the gut) to complete the nutritional balance. Our Superfood for Dogs range also features specially selected blends of 5 Superfood ingredients in order to pack a powerful punch of functional nutrients such as vitamins and other antioxidants, minerals and phytochemicals (plant-based compounds) which have been shown to offer protection in a number of ways.

We don't add any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives because quality food, cooked and packaged properly will retain its goodness naturally in a dried form (something humans have been doing for thousands of years!), and our promise is to only add what your pet needs from its diet and avoid harmful additives. Noah and his friends know when we open the bag, and we're sure you'll see and smell just how appealing our food is to dogs and cats (check out our 5 star reviews!).

Another happy dog fuelled by the great grain free dog food from whole

Some of the key benefits you'll find if your pet is fuelled by whole include a happy tum (as evidenced by their firm, compact poo!), shiny coat (looking good on the outside generally points to being well on the inside), strong lean muscles (thanks to the high quality protein sources and balanced energy levels) and supple joints (we include joint care nutrients such as omega 3, glucosamine and MSM in most of our products). 

Our cat food is also totally grain free and reflects the specific needs of these fantastic feline carnivores. Again we include high levels of freshly prepared meat and ensure that the amino acid profile includes plenty of taurine to meet the increased need of cats, as well as making sure they both enjoy their food and feel satisfied after meals. We carefully balance the mineral levels and add plenty of omega 3 in order to take care of urinary health, and include L-carnitine which helps promote the use of fat for energy helping to preserve lean muscle mass and promoting ideal weight (both these factors are important for neutered cats).

The most important factor in setting up lifelong health is ensuring a kitten or puppy receives all the vital building blocks of life, which is why our kitten and puppy formulas include easily digestible protein, lots of omega 3 (including DHA which helps develop the eyes and brain) and plenty of vitamins including Vitamin E which is a powerful natural antioxidant proven to aid in the development of a healthy immune system.

A happy healthy puppy

Alongside our food ranges we have also created healthy Treats which provide a way to give your pet a special little reward from time to time and have been used happily as a training/recall aid by both pet parents and dog walkers. Our belief in offering the best nutrition as well as enjoyment means that this range is also grain free and includes some special added extras such as omega 3, zinc & biotin to promote healthy Skin & Coat, prebiotics and probiotics plus nucleotides for Digestive Health, and peppermint plus activated charcoal and natural green tea extract for fresh breath and Dental health. We all love to give and receive a treat, but with these health benefits added in we believe it's actually possible to do it in a totally guilt free way too!

So, when you feed whole to your pet you can be confident that not only will they feel good as they gobble their kibble, but their wellbeing and happiness will radiate from the inside out as they play, run, hunt, nap and do all the things pets do. You'll be feeding them the way we feed Noah, seeing the differences like those we've seen in him as he's thrived and grown into a fun loving, happy hound.