A healthy dog resplendent amid the golden leaves of autumn
Ageing Pets

Autumn - and the Autumn years, about pets and ageing

A discussion of the special considerations for ageing pets as they enter their autumn years. With the right nutrition you can make a difference now and for their future.
Pumpkins - a rich source of carotenes to help support your dog's vision
Duck dog food

Pumpkins aren't just for Halloween!

The Superfood for Dogs range features a special blend specific to each product, with ingredients chosen for their complementary benefits in terms of both flavour and nutrition (yes we’re guided first and foremost by what’s best for your dog or cat but like Michelin-starred chefs our team are always looking to find the most mouth-watering combinations of taste and texture at their disposal). In the case of our English Country Duck recipe pumpkin features alongside parsnip (rich in Vitamin B3 which helps utilise energy), beetroot (a source of folic acid and dietary fibre to help the digestive system - see below), orange (with the potent antioxidant Vitamin C to support immune function) and asparagus (which provides iron to support the circulatory system). 
Dog poo as it should be - firm, well formed and easy to pick up thanks to whole pet food!
Feeding advice

The poo blog

Nobody's favourite subject, but there are some things we have to tell you...
A happy healthy cat fed on the best cat food
Feeding advice

Feeding feline friends

Feeding your cat involves some special considerations, but the Grain Free for Cats range from whole is simply the best cat food - here's why...
Keep your pet fit throughout the year
Feeding advice

Weighty matters (because weight matters)

Expert advice on the importance of maintaining a healthy weight for pet dogs and cats...
Why are Superfoods Super?!
Feeding advice

Why are Superfoods Super?!

We have been so impressed by the difference in Noah, and have been getting rave reviews from customers across the Superfood range. Here we explore what makes Superfoods special, and why we've launched a product range featuring them.
A bowl of delicious grain free dog food from whole
Feeding advice

Have you gone grain free? And if not - should you?

So why have we only used grain free recipes across our ranges? The taste signature and texture works really well and appeals to pets, the high digestibility means their poop is firmer and easier to deal with and the overall package feeds pets to both satisfy their hunger and deliver optimum health. We have a range of meat sources to help pick the right one for your pet because most allergies relate to this. As always, your questions are welcome and feel free to contact us for any help/advice.